KDE Plasma 5.26 Beta Released with User Interface for TVs

by Jack
3 minutes
KDE Plasma 5.26 Beta Released with User Interface for TVs

The KDE community has today delivered the beta of the impending Plasma 5.26 work area.

KDE Plasma 5.26 will be out as steady one month from now, while the present beta delivery can be utilized for assisting with testing the new/further developed usefulness. Among the many changes to find with KDE Plasma 5.26 beta include "Plasma Big screen" as a UI upgraded for television use or other huge configuration shows.

Plasma Big screen has the Aurora Browser improved for huge screens, the Plank Player for playing mixed media content pleasantly in such conditions, and different highlights.

KDE Plasma Big Screen

KDE 5.26 has Wayland support further refined. The Wayland session can now handle adjusting a graphics tablet's input area mapping, improved handling of compositor/app scaling on app basis, disabling middle-click paste operation under Wayland is now possible, and it comes with other new fixes.

Aurora Browser

The easiest way right now to try out the new Plasma is through a live image booted from a USB flash drive. Just burn the new ISO to USB using Rufus (DD Mode), Balena Etcher, and Ventoy. The KDE community also offers Docker images to provide a quick and easy way to test Plasma.

More details about on Plasma 5.26 on Main KDE announcement page.